Why I Let It Ring

Complaints about robocalls to the Federal Trade Commission are up 20 percent in the months of March and April compared to January, according to a new report from

Tax season is being blamed for a new crop of telephone scams. The report cites two other groups’ estimates that nuisance and scam calls now make up one-third of all incoming calls.

March: What's Blooming in the Office?

Meet Mighty Max, my nickname for Maxillaria tenuifolia. He’s blooming right on time, as this orchid species produces flowers in March and April.

Declutter 2019: No Kon Do?


I held them, folded them and futzed with them; now it was time to let them go.

“Thank you all for being here,” I said magnanimously, like the hostess at a celebratory cocktail reception, to the assortment of sweaters, scarves and slacks strewn across the bed.

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