Jammin' in Boise

I am running out of containers and refrigerator space, as my kitchen overflows with late-summer bounty and I feel compelled to do something with all of it before it goes bad.

On my recent drive back from Seattle, I stopped to pick up a couple flats of peaches, fresh from the central Washington orchards. In Boise, it is a bumper-crop year for my front-yard apple tree.

News Overload


For my birthday, I got the new memoir Reporter by Seymour Hersh, one of my idols in journalism. Trouble is, I can’t seem to open it and start reading. I’m afraid I'm on news overload.

This weekend’s bizarre “revenge stabbing” of kids at a Boise, Idaho, birthday party hit too close to home – literally. The apartment complex is 2 miles from my house.

Time to Graduate…from Lengthy Speeches

It’s graduation season and I was fortunate to attend the Baruch College commencement last week in New York City.

The comments from Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., were among the highlights – not for political reasons, but because the man knows how to speak for a few minutes, relate a touching anecdote or two, apply them to the audience in front of him – and sit down.

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