Why You Need a Copyeditor

A fellow writer and editor sent this photo to me the other day. It's the kind of thing that prompts a double-take, then a big laugh – until you realize it's an actual headline from a real newspaper. Then – at least, if you're a copyeditor – you cringe.

A Box of Rocks


I was invited to a neighbor’s house for dinner this week to meet some of her kin, visiting from out of town. The occasion was a niece’s 11th birthday.

The kids bashed a candy-filled piñata and we all feasted on cake and ice cream. Then, it was time to open presents.

Make Road Trips Memorable: Buy Ultra-Local

I often spend summers on the road, and one of my favorite aspects of travel is finding those offbeat places many people miss when they choose convenience and familiarity for their “pit stops” – think McDonald’s and Walmart – over the local mom-and-pop businesses.

I drive to and through Oregon quite a bit, so here are just a few hearty recommendations:

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