Chris Thomas

About Chris Thomas…

Chris has made her living as a writer for more than 30 years, in television, radio and newspapers as well as the corporate world. She has written and edited countless speeches, newsletters, articles and technical manuals since starting her consulting business in 1986.

Her work experience includes stints as a reporter, producer and anchor for TV stations in Boise, Idaho (KBOI), Portland, Oregon (KATU), and Dallas, Texas (WFAA), plus a half-dozen radio stations and three daily newspapers. She knows how to generate publicity – and also how to deal with it when it crops up unexpectedly. She currently serves as News Director for Public News Service, a news content provider of radio and print stories in 40 states.

For three years, Chris taught news writing and on-camera presentation skills as an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. She also is the co-author of 15 college textbooks for publisher Wiley (John Wiley & Sons).

Chris now resides in Central California, but spends time regularly in Boise and Seattle. She's happy to travel wherever her clients need her. Her hometown is Lakeview, in southern Oregon.


About the Orchids

About the Orchids

Just for fun, Chris tends an extensive orchid collection. Many people assume orchids are hard to grow – yes, they’re exotic and can be finicky. But with the right combination of light, water and nutrients – and of course, someone who won’t give up on them – they can be real show-stoppers. 

To Chris, writing projects are a lot like orchids. Each is a challenge that requires some research, a lot of patience and a keen eye for giving it exactly what it needs to bloom. And she has just the touch to ensure beautiful results.