Christmas in July


One of the houseplants that seems to love its new surroundings in Central California is the Christmas cactus seen at left.

At first, I chalked this up to being “back home.” I purchased the plant a few years ago at a grocery store in Carmel Valley, Calif. Just before Christmas, it was the only one left on a big holiday display. It looked sad and droopy, so – with my, ‘I can save this!’ attitude – I bought it for $5.

Leaving Home: The Next Adventure


I must apologize again for not posting more frequently, but if your last three months had been as hectic as mine, you’d surely understand.

I mentioned in my March 7 blog that I was heading to the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show, where I made some good contacts in the orchid world and purchased plants to ship to Idaho for our orchid society’s show and sale in April.

2023: Write, Edit, Present, Repeat!


So far, 2023 has been busy, nonstop! When friends ask where I’ve been, I say, ‘At the keyboard, except once a week to the grocery store.’

I’m ghostwriting one book and editing another manuscript – both nonfiction. I've finished three magazine articles; just started on a fourth.

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