A Novel Idea


If every person has a story to tell, why haven’t you written yours? In some form or other, I get that question a lot.

Yes, I’ve always worked for other people, writing and editing their stories and helping them polish their professional reputations by adding “author” to their résumé. The projects are interesting and I really enjoy the creative collaboration.

Christmas in July


One of the houseplants that seems to love its new surroundings in Central California is the Christmas cactus seen at left.

At first, I chalked this up to being “back home.” I purchased the plant a few years ago at a grocery store in Carmel Valley, Calif. Just before Christmas, it was the only one left on a big holiday display. It looked sad and droopy, so – with my, ‘I can save this!’ attitude – I bought it for $5.

Leaving Home: The Next Adventure


I must apologize again for not posting more frequently, but if your last three months had been as hectic as mine, you’d surely understand.

I mentioned in my March 7 blog that I was heading to the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show, where I made some good contacts in the orchid world and purchased plants to ship to Idaho for our orchid society’s show and sale in April.

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