2023: Write, Edit, Present, Repeat!


So far, 2023 has been busy, nonstop! When friends ask where I’ve been, I say, ‘At the keyboard, except once a week to the grocery store.’

I’m ghostwriting one book and editing another manuscript – both nonfiction. I've finished three magazine articles; just started on a fourth.

I’m also maintaining my role as Senior Editor for Public News Service. The duties there involve training a new crop of radio news producers, too, which is fun but time-intensive.

I’ve spent a lot of time crafting PowerPoint presentations lately as well. I’m accustomed to writing speeches for other folks, but this time I'm the presenter! I put together an online session on what makes a good news story, and how to pitch one that journalists will pay attention to.

In person, I’ve made two presentations on “Basic Orchid Care,” covering topics from light and humidity to air circulation, pest control and how and when to re-pot an orchid.

All three audiences were enthusiastic and had lots of questions. Interested? Contact me! I’m happy to talk with other groups about either topic.

The orchid-care presentations got me in just the right frame of mind for my next adventure. This week, I’m heading to California for the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show. I’ll be on the lookout for plants to ship back to Idaho for our 39th annual Treasure Valley Orchid Society Show & Sale.

Stay tuned – I’ll let you know what I find!