Competing with Copy Mills

I get regular come-ons for a variety of business services on my website, from cheaper phone plans to credit-card processing.

Lately, however, I’m hearing from folks who want to replace me – by doing my job at bargain-basement rates, using writers based overseas.

“We are an Indian-based content writing agency,” one email begins. It offers to write news releases for $35, blog posts for $15, Facebook posts for $6, product descriptions or Tweets for $4.

Another promises video editing, a service my clients sometimes need, using editors “throughout Latin America that work during U.S. hours, on-demand.” It claims they’ll cost 70% less than “a U.S. freelance or full-time editor.”

I had occasion last week to deal with an overseas customer service department for a large company. When I shared my name, I was told, “That is a beautiful name.” (Ummm…no, it’s not…) I was promised on-screen that the department “will needful for you and also to resolve the query.”

I realize we’re a global economy, but my hunch is, you get what you pay for by passing over the stateside folks – the ones not only with extensive career experience, but acumen as native English speakers.

If a “copy mill” is sufficient for your needs, you can find Content Writing Services that charge $25 to $150 for an article.

I don’t write for them. I prefer to work with clients directly, and to give each assignment the careful attention it deserves, from initial research to final revision.

If that’s the kind of writer you’re looking for – the kind you can count on – give me a call.

(Photo by Depositphotos)