The Fruits of Your Labor – and Mine

In today’s mail, I received copies of a much-anticipated book that I helped a first-time author organize and write.

Kelsa Dickey is a financial coach for individuals and small businesses – not a financial planner.

Hers is a unique and much-needed skillset that she’s developed into a successful career. She is happy to share it with others who want to start their own businesses helping people prioritize their financial lives, get out and stay out of debt.

My name is nowhere on The Financial Coaching Playbook – and that’s OK. My goal as a writer and editor is that YOU are the star of your own show.

Most people have a book idea, particularly those who have been in business for a while. You might even have started yours, or have scattered notes and research, but real life and other responsibilities keep getting in the way.

In Kelsa’s case, she has a ton of enthusiasm and a series of training videos, and she had created an outline to adapt the video content into book form. But she’s busy coaching clients, so she hired me to watch, listen and transform all her expertise into a how-to manuscript.

We collaborated along the way by phone and videoconference. Kelsa opted to self-publish, and the process from start to finish took less than two years.

During this pandemic, you might have a lot more time on your hands working from home. Maybe it’s time to make your own book idea a reality? Let’s talk.