A Gallon of Purified Joy

Every city has quirky little spots that make it unique. In the Boise suburb of Garden City, one of my picks is a dispensary of purified water. It’s tucked into a tiny building off Chinden Blvd., next to a bit of freeway (I-184) known as “The Connector.”

I learned about it from fellow orchid-growers, since it’s widely believed that orchids grow better without all the additives in city drinking water. So, about once a week, I head over to fill up for watering day. The spigots are on the outside of the building; users bring their own containers.

I don’t know who owns the place, but I’ve become a real admirer.

The water is self-serve and payment is on the honor system. A sign posted on-site suggests 25 cents a gallon, with a panel cut into the window just big enough to drop the money in. Another sign says there’s less than $20 in the building and, if you really are desperate enough to try to steal it, check with the owner when he’s there and he’ll pay you $20 for two hours of work.

And this week, the following note was posted. It’s dated Dec. 1:

As you move through the winter of discontent, do so in hope. Tomorrow will soon be here, and none are happier than those who greet the dawn.

Be joyful. A new day is upon us, and it is ours to do with whatever we please. Sleep well; dream of a tomorrow we all want to see.

You are the hero, and you don’t owe anyone anything. Everything you have was a gift from someone. Be grateful, and use your gifts to serve whomever you please.

As for the water, drink all you want. I’ll make more.

To me, getting bargain-priced purified water is a sweet deal. Even sweeter? Getting a free gallon of thoughtful inspiration where it’s least expected.