Happy Bloomin' New Year!


It always amazes me when, in the dead of winter, I get flowers to bloom in my Idaho office – particularly when they are miniature orchids.

It’s hard to tell from this photo, but the blooms on both of these healthy little plants aren’t even the size of a fingernail.

The pink one is an Oncidium Twinkle Pinkie – a goofy name, but it fits the plant, which is cute and slightly fragrant.

It sits in an east-facing kitchen window. My home doesn't have enough humidity for it to thrive beyond one or two flower spikes, but it's been a reliable bloomer, usually in January or February.

Oncidiums are also known as "dancing lady" orchids, as some folks think the flowers look like tiny dancers in colorful dresses. They aren't especially hard to grow, and OrchidWeb has a good rundown of care tips.

The yellow bloom with the purple splash has been featured before in my blog. It’s a Haraella Retrocalla – and this is the fourth flower it has sprouted since November! It's the tiniest plant in my collection, at about two inches tall. It is supposed to have a citrus scent, according to Oak Hill Gardens, but I've never detected it.

I try to water the minis twice a week, since they seem to dry out faster than the larger orchids. Their size makes them appear to be delicate, but these are incredibly hardy plants.

Most of all, they're a delightful start to what I hope will be a new year full of equally cool surprises.