I Raised a Voter!

I got this photo with a text over breakfast this morning and am so pleased to share it. The accompanying message: "After a 2-hour wait, my ballot is cast!"

I've mentioned before that my son Adam is in New York City. But for many years – and in every single election during his childhood – I made sure he accompanied me to the polls. It was a bonus when the school where we voted had a bake sale that day!

Of course, starting in about fourth grade, Adam began noticing that not everyone we voted for actually won. But I assured him, time and again, that it is still important to make your voice heard – that the winning candidates especially need to know when not everyone agrees with them, and that all opinions are equally valid.  

Let's set aside the general insanity of this exhausting, mind-numbing election season for just a second. It's been enough to discourage anyone from getting involved in the political process in any way. So, to see the lines of people at polling places across the country today gives me hope.

The very act of voting is a hopeful process. When I cast my own ballot in Idaho this morning – and the woman who handed me the 'I Voted' sticker said, "Chris Thomas has voted" – I have to admit I teared up a little bit, as I always do. Then, I sent Adam a selfie with my own sticker.

A postscript, the day after the election: The results of Tuesday's presidential race stunned me as much as anyone. Our country is in such turmoil now, I quipped to Adam that I'll most likely start working on plans to become an expat! His response:

"I think that now, more than ever, is the time to stay in this country and work to make it better – to prove that we will not let bigotry, hatred and fear rule our lives."

Well said, son.