Recharge and Regroup

Does this look like the office of a woman who needs a break – or at least, fewer Post-It Notes? It's been a hectic summer. Some highlights:

I'm writing my third article this year for AARP national publications.

Last month, I finished ghostwriting a book on personal finance – a project I took on because I knew I'd learn a lot in the process.

I've trained four news producers and probably edited a couple hundred news stories.

I've edited and fact-checked manuals for various organizations, helped job-hunting friends compose cover letters and update résumés, and applied for a few new gigs myself.

So, it's time to regroup! I'm heading to Chicago for the Editorial Freelancers Association annual conference.

Maybe that doesn't seem like time off to you. But writing and editing are intense, solitary pursuits and once in a while, it's good to step away from the screen, shake some human hands and get some pointers from peers.

I'll be learning about ways to market my services; how to assist clients who want to self-publish their work; new tech shortcuts to make the editing process easier, and more.

I expect to come back to the office with renewed appreciation for this fun and crazy career, and new enthusiasm for the next assignments that come my way.