For the Man Who Moves the Mail


I made a placard this evening, in anticipation of attending the second demonstration of my life as a participant instead of a journalist. It’s this Sat., Aug. 22, in support of the U.S. Postal Service.

Road Tripping in the COVID Age


In my last blog post, I mentioned I’d been content to stick close to home. That was before my son and his girlfriend decided to get married.

They’d postponed a much bigger wedding because of the pandemic, and finally opted for a simple backyard ceremony near their home in California.

As the mother of the groom, I needed to be there – which meant spending two weeks away from home, in multiple hotels.

The World in a Shoebox

Friends who are frequent travelers are having a tough time with the pandemic. They’re so tempted by low airfares, and the rare prospects of uncrowded airports and having elbow room on planes, which they weigh anxiously against the health risks associated with flying.

I’ve been content so far to stick close to home. Then again, I can travel the world by opening a couple of shoeboxes.

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