Recharge and Regroup

Does this look like the office of a woman who needs a break – or at least, fewer Post-It Notes? It's been a hectic summer. Some highlights:

I'm writing my third article this year for AARP national publications.

Last month, I finished ghostwriting a book on personal finance – a project I took on because I knew I'd learn a lot in the process.

Foraging for Food

Boise chefs discuss finding and using wild plants in an interesting article in the Idaho Statesman this week. “Start with your yard,” one advises.

I hate to sound smug, but nobody will starve in my yard.

Remembering Ross Perot

Almost one in five U.S. voters cast a ballot for independent presidential candidate Ross Perot in 1992.

I was one of them, and I was sad to learn of his passing this week.

As a news reporter in Dallas, Texas, I had plenty of occasion to interact with Mr. Perot – but more important, to watch him interact with others.

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