July: What’s Blooming in the Office?

For the most part, orchids are hardy plants that let you know fairly quickly if they aren’t happy. Leaves turn yellow rather suddenly, or start looking like someone tried to fold them into accordion pleats.

My orchids seem to hunker down this time of year, resigned to getting through it at the hands of a caretaker who’s usually pretty good at noticing what they need – unless, of course, she’s on a deadline.

No Small Change

The pile of rubble you see at left used to be Jerry's 27th Street Market, a small neighborhood grocery store a few blocks from a house I once owned in Boise.

Jerry's had been in business for more than 60 years. I know they had some hard times and when I lived nearby, I did my part to keep the place open, stopping in for milk and bread, snacks and the occasional lottery ticket.

And it was here, in the late 1990s, that I won $5,000.

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

You know the good feeling when you find a handwritten note in the stack of bills and ads in the mailbox? That is reason enough for National Letter-Writing Month.

Letters have always meant a lot to me. Perhaps it was because we moved so often during my childhood – 14 schools in 12 years – and pre-Internet, it was the way to keep in touch.

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