Cue the Scammers

As if a pandemic isn’t enough to worry about, have you looked in your email spam file lately? Not only has the message traffic picked up; it contains a motley assortment of come-ons that I’ve never before received.

Stylin' with Masks

Halloween is still months away, but like most people, I’ve accumulated an assortment of masks as part of my COVID-19 prevention repertoire.

As it turns out, the one I figured I would probably never wear is the one I’ve had the most fun with! Seen at left, it was sewn by a neighbor in Seattle.

April: What's Blooming in the Office?

It's easy to get mired in a coronavirus funk these days, but it's finally getting to be Spring and one of the bright spots for me this month is seeing so many of my plants in bloom, both indoors and out.

The two Phalaenopsis orchids shown here are special treats, and not because they're award-winners or rare subspecies. Rather, they were both given to me by neighbors. 

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