What Real Estate Taught Me About Editing

My home in Boise was for sale recently – it isn’t anymore, but I put it on the market for a few weeks in anticipation of perhaps making a move to California.

In the process, photos had to be taken to post with the listing online. The real-estate company hired a professional photographer to do the job. (The pic at left is one I took, not one of the professional shots.)

I Can't Bear It

I’m preparing for a family reunion mid-September, going through box after box of old photos.

The primary goal is to find pictures of my dad’s side of the family to share with cousins I’ve seldom seen over the decades. They’ve pledged to do the same.

But I’m also committed to culling this mountain of images. I toss any shot that isn’t in focus. If I don’t know what it is, where it was taken or who’s in it, out it goes.

June 2022: What's Blooming in the Office?

Most of my orchid collection is still vacationing in a private greenhouse in California – like a spa for orchids! But I’m back in Idaho and about a dozen plants made the trip with me mid-June, including this Dendrobium tobaense giganteum.

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