Holiday Greeting Guilt

I appreciate everyone who sent Christmas cards to me in the past month – and all I can do is apologize. I still haven’t written, addressed or mailed a single holiday greeting.

It’s a ritual I usually cherish, but this season has upended life and tradition for several reasons.

What’s In a Name…or a Pronoun?

 I was washing the windows of our Seattle duplex when Tillie, the little girl upstairs, came down to say hello.

The previous day, the two of us had been busy building “nests for squirrels” – Tillie’s idea was to pile up leaves and load them with bread crumbs and a couple of pistachio nuts, then check daily to see if the local squirrels had eaten the bounty we’d offered them.

Nov. 2021: Road Trip for Orchids

I haven’t blogged in a while, and if you’d put as many miles on vehicles as I have in the last month, you’d understand why.

I’m getting a temporary change of scene this winter, trying out central California for a few months – partly to welcome a new grandchild into the family, and partly to see if I like it and can afford to live there. So, it’s an exciting time!

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