What’s Blooming in the Office?

It appears to be Weird Plant Week in my Boise office. Both the Bulbophyllum “Daisy Chain” and a Butterwort are in bloom.

“Bulbos” are orchids that scarcely look the part. As seen in the photo at left, the flowers on this popular hybrid look like daisies that got trimmed accidentally. They don’t have petals all the way around, and the flowers live for only a week or less.

Summer Sentence Shape-up

It’s the first day of summer, when I always wish I’d done more to drop a couple of pounds before shimmying into a swimsuit.

Like people, sentences also get a bit flabby if writers don’t exercise some self-control at the keyboard. Here are a couple of recent examples from editing gigs:

Memorial Day 2017: Fast and Furious

What a summer so far, and it’s only just started! I've spent part of it helping my sister pack and move halfway across the country, from the West Coast to Missouri.

As former military brats, we are veteran packers and movers, so the only thing that slowed us down was when someone tried to make off with my car in a hotel parking lot in Portland, Oregon.

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