Arizona Dreaming

I was in Arizona briefly this month, and had forgotten how much I love that country, its red hills dotted with saguaros and sage already starting to bloom.

The occasion was my Aunt Bonnie’s 80th birthday, and we had a blast! I met some of her friends and got reacquainted with my cousin Suzy and her husband James, who were visiting from Florida.

A Brief Break from Winter

It’s amazing what a week of rain and milder weather will do to a foot of stubborn snow. After two full months on the ground, it’s almost all gone! And what a revelation – the giant white lump in the backyard has morphed back into a barbecue grill. Maybe I’ll even use it this weekend.

Yes, I Marched

I felt a rush of emotions standing in front of the Idaho State Capitol on Saturday morning. On a strictly practical note, I was glad to have brought an umbrella, as wet, heavy snow coated the crowd of about 5,000.

On a personal note, I realized this was the first protest ever that I had attended as a participant, rather than covering it as a reporter.

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