Here Comes the Judge…


You really have to love orchids to find yourself in a hotel meeting room at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday. And there I was, volunteering as a clerk for the experts judging the entries at Treasure Valley Orchid Society show.

Password Protection: The New Scrabble

When I learned that Thurs., May 4, is World Password Day, I couldn’t help but groan.

As a writer, I’m rarely at a loss for words – but I have more than 50 accounts that require passwords, and changing them is a seemingly endless search for new and creative word/number/character combinations in multiple languages.

My Pedestrian Pedigree

I'm sure you've seen those TV ads for – the ones where people who grew up thinking they're Italian find out that they're actually German, or they're thrilled to discover they are one-quarter Native American?

I'd been waiting for several months for my DNA test results to arrive from But what happens when you open the file to discover that your ancestry is, well, pretty boring?

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