Getting (Re)potted in Seattle

I’m in Seattle this week and had fun with members of the Northwest Orchid Society. The group meets the second Monday evening of the month at the University of Washington’s Center for Urban Horticulture.

The center is part of the UW Botanic Gardens. The big greenhouse and well-appointed classrooms are impressive, and they’re surrounded by 16 acres of lush, lovely plantings and walking paths.

Learning…and Learning…

So, I’ve shared with you that my goal in the New Year has been to learn or try something new every week. Here’s an update:

I’ve taken classes in genealogy, writing short stories, fighting writer’s block, doing voiceover work and clutter-free living. (I signed up for a class on making focaccia – and showed up along with 20 other folks – but the instructor was a no-show. Does that count?)

Arizona Dreaming

I was in Arizona briefly this month, and had forgotten how much I love that country, its red hills dotted with saguaros and sage already starting to bloom.

The occasion was my Aunt Bonnie’s 80th birthday, and we had a blast! I met some of her friends and got reacquainted with my cousin Suzy and her husband James, who were visiting from Florida.

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