Greetings from the Bookstore

For many months, Google has listed me as a bookstore. A Google search for Chris Thomas Communications reveals a listing that includes the address of a mailbox I haven’t rented for years, and the photo you see here – a nondescript, unattractive parking lot.

I ask you – if you were looking for a bookstore, would YOU shop there?

The Most Important Pie

This is a photo of the peach pie I made for my dad last year, just before it went into the oven. I didn't realize at the time that it would be his final pie on the planet.

Campaign Challenge: Learn from Them as Speakers

It’s tempting to want to tune out the nonstop din of presidential campaign appearances, but smart business leaders will use this time to observe and learn from the best (or in this case, worst) habits of the candidates when they’re at the podium.

As a longtime speechwriter and presentation coach, here’s my take so far:

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