“Forever” in Love with Stamps

This breathtaking image of Mt. Rainier by photographer Matt Dieterich is part of a series of new U.S. “Forever” postage stamps commemorating the national parks. It’ll be released at a June 2 ceremony at the World Stamp Show in New York City.

April 2016: Kidnapped by Orchids

Loyal readers might well wonder where the heck I’ve been the last few weeks! But if you saw my office, yard and garden, you’d know instantly. It’s spring, so everything is blooming, needs repotting, or is in some way shrieking for my attention. It seems the only time I’m not wearing (very dirty) garden gloves lately is when I’m at the keyboard.

A High Five for 5’s

 While we are already far beyond New Year’s resolutions, let me share one that’s never too late to start. I save five-dollar bills. And just today, April 7, my 2016 stash topped $300.

I don’t even recall where I first read about it – one woman’s personal savings plan to stash every $5 that came her way – but I decided to try it.

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