Wilderness Fun…In the Office

One of the running jokes my son and I had when he was growing up in Idaho was that every morning, at least one front-page newspaper headline always involved wildlife. Never a slow news day in the Gem State..!

The Backyard Berry Bounty

How cool is it to be able to amble into your yard first thing in the morning and pick fresh berries for breakfast? For a few glorious weeks in the summer, I can choose between raspberries in the backyard and strawberries in front.

The white currants aren't quite ripe enough yet, but soon they'll make the most beautiful, pale pink jelly you ever spread onto a biscuit. I'll dry some of them for use in baking.

Cat in a Cone

I returned home from a weeklong road trip to find the right side of my cat’s face was about double the size of the left side. Jinxie is 14 or 15 years old and had been acting listless for a couple of weeks, but I assumed it’d been the hotter summer temperatures slowing her down.

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