Mom's Magic Music

February 7 would have been my mother’s birthday, and cause for a big celebration in the Thomas family. But, like Glenn Frey and David Bowie, Christine didn’t make it to 80. She died at 78, in October 2014.

Here's What's Blooming in the Office...

As gorgeous as they are, many orchids have no scent at all – but the Oncidium “Twinkle” is an in-your-face exception. Some people describe its aroma as vanilla, or cotton candy. It is definitely sweet, and so pronounced that a single plant can perfume my office for a few weeks. What a treat, particularly this time of year.

How to Write Like a Reporter

Growing up in newsrooms with tough editors has turned out to be a great advantage in all kinds of writing. Today, I’m a tough editor myself – and proud of it! A few quick tips:

Lead with the meat. Particularly in radio and TV news, when time per story is so short, it’s best to start right up front with the main point to be made – it’s meat first, then the necessary attribution. Example:

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