June: What’s Blooming in the Office?


This orchid is in quarantine, on a separate windowsill far from the others, as it recovers from an aphid infestation. But that hasn’t stopped it from making the best of a bad situation.

Recent life parallels, anyone?

It’s a hardy little plant, and a good choice for beginning orchid-lovers. Each flower is no bigger than my thumbnail with a strong, perfume-like scent.

Tramps Like Us…


It’s a very special anniversary. Twenty years ago today, my son was baptized into the Church of Rock ‘n Roll. 

Adam was almost 14 and had never been to a rock concert.

“We’re starting at the top,” I told him.

I bought tickets by mail from a scalper to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in Salt Lake City, the closest show to Boise.

Where are the Copyeditors?

It happened again this morning. I checked news headlines on my iPhone and noticed CNN:

“In 17 sates, the number of COVID-19 cases keeps rising.”

This is one way I can tell the pandemic is taking its toll on news organizations. Typos used to be amusing anomalies. Now, not a day goes by when I don’t notice them.

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