Learning a New Language

I’m editing a ton of news stories nowadays about the new coronavirus, which means I’ve had to quickly learn the particulars of the language used to correctly describe it.

A few tidbits for fellow grammar geeks:

The Fruits of Your Labor – and Mine

In today’s mail, I received copies of a much-anticipated book that I helped a first-time author organize and write.

Kelsa Dickey is a financial coach for individuals and small businesses – not a financial planner.

When You Can’t Step Out, Just…Step

Writing is a solitary and mostly sedentary pursuit, and for me, it’s long been a struggle to force myself to step away from the screen and get some exercise.

So, I'm sharing this tip for everyone working at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve learned to build mini-workouts into my day – and for this, a mini-stepper has been the perfect solution.

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