A Job for Mr. Bear

Unemployment is suddenly at record levels and everybody’s on edge. As a full-time freelancer, things are especially scary for those of us who are self-employed.

But I have some good news to report on the job front!

Mr. Bear, seen here at right, was my son’s cherished companion during his toddler days. (My sister used to ask, ‘If he’s a family member, why are we calling him MISTER Bear?’)

The New Nostalgia

Normally when I’m watching “regular” TV (not streaming or on the Roku), I take a break when the ads come on – to run to the bathroom, do a couple of dishes, check my phone.

But these aren’t normal times – and suddenly, the ads fascinate me.

Because they’re breaking all the rules.

A Taxing Time

Even after a year of five-digit medical bills, I’ve done my 2019 income taxes and still owe Uncle Sam almost $1,000. So, I went to a seminar last week on tax planning for self-employed people.

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