COVID-19: The Non-Viral Symptoms


Idaho has not yet reported a single case of COVID-19 infection to date, but it’s already having an impact on life.

For instance, the beautiful Cymbidium at left is just starting to bloom in my greenhouse. That normally would be great news, as it would be ready to impress the judges at the Treasure Valley Orchid Society Show & Sale mid-April.

Only…there isn't going to be a show.

A Big Day for Orchid Lovers

I don’t know who likes the newest U.S. postage stamps more – my modern-day, orchid-growing self, or the little girl I used to be who loved stamp collecting.

The new collection of “Forever” stamps honors some of the nation’s wild orchids. They'll be available Friday, Feb. 21.

It’s My Party, I’ll Exclaim If I Want To!


A column this week from Washington Post writer Kathleen Parker caught my attention for chastising anyone who uses exclamation points in their writing.

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