It’s My Party, I’ll Exclaim If I Want To!


A column this week from Washington Post writer Kathleen Parker caught my attention for chastising anyone who uses exclamation points in their writing.

The Scariest Ghost

One of my most vivid memories of working at big-city newspapers is the smell of fresh newsprint and ink, early in the morning, on the loading docks and in the stairwells. As a young journalist, feeling like even the smallest cog in those noisy printing presses was a thrill.

Bugs & What to Do About ‘Em


If you have orchids, you have bugs – at least, once in a while.

They’re tiny and sneaky, so it’s important to check your plants as you water them, so you can curtail any infestations before they get serious.

For me, bugs tend to show up more often in the winter, as my windows aren’t open. Orchids need air circulation and indoors, I sometimes forget to turn on a fan to compensate.

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