Expert Advice: Nourishing and Delicious!

I’ll be in California again next week and am delighted to note the 50th birthday of Chez Panisse, the Berkeley restaurant where the “farm to fork” movement began in the 1970s.

Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot…

According to the National Weather Service, Boise has had only three nine-day periods of consecutive 100-degree or hotter days. (All have been since 2003.)

This is Day Eight of what appears to be the next record-book entry.

Babysitting is Hard Work

I was in California recently, working remotely and enjoying the beautiful communities in Monterey County.

While I was there, I offered to pick up some plants for a fundraiser for the Treasure Valley Orchid Society. It’ll be our club’s first in-person get-together in more than a year.

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