Say What..?


My longtime significant other has had a major hearing loss since birth. For me, it’s been one eye-opening lesson after another watching him navigate areas of life that most people take for granted.

You don’t realize how frustrating noisy restaurants, group conversations or movies without subtitles can be until you’ve experienced them with someone deaf or hard of hearing.

Holiday Treats

The end-of-year holidays often are full of sweet treats from friends and coworkers -- but I've found the personal interactions surrounding those treats can be even sweeter. 

As I've mentioned in past blog posts, I volunteer as a baker for Boise's Greek Orthodox Church, which hosts a well-attended Greek Food Festival just after Memorial Day.

We also make pastries as a Christmas fundraiser, ensuring that my Decembers are especially hectic!

Political Correctness

It’s election season and my snail-mail is full of flyers and postcards from candidates, mostly for Boise mayor and city council positions.

Can you see why, as a writer and editor, I’d have a hard time voting for the person who sent this one? Look closely.

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