Godspeed, Gisela


My surrogate mom passed away overnight.

Gisela Biloschaetzke (don’t even try to pronounce it…) was a funny, feisty German woman, the mother of a guy who’s been a family friend for years. She lived in my neighborhood and as she aged, I ended up helping her once in a while – washing and rolling her hair, "spotting" her as she showered so she wouldn't fall – stuff her two grown sons were understandably shy about doing.

Thankful for...Health Insurance


This Thanksgiving, I'm moving more slowly than usual.

I hadn't planned to have back surgery quite this close to a holiday, but the surgeon was able to fit me in and I was happy for the chance to feel normal again after months of painful herniated discs.

Public Service...or Censorship?


The Motion Picture Association of America’s movie-rating system just turned 50. As many movies as I’ve seen, perhaps I ought to feel nostalgic about this milestone.

But in the 1980s, I also rated movies, as a member of the Motion Picture Classification Board for the City of Dallas, Texas.

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