Cuisine Unlimited

For Salt Lake City caterer Cuisine Unlimited, Chris has written and edited email marketing blasts, website copy and blog entries, company correspondence, brochures and menus. She has also organized and written applications for awards competitions and assisted with magazine articles about event planning.

With a team of food scientists from the University of Florida, Chris organized and wrote The Food Recall Manual, a step-by-step guide for food processing companies facing product recalls. It includes interviews with people who have firsthand experience with the technical and legal aspects of food safety. Chris recently updated this important document and, in light of the many changes to food safety laws, it underwent an extensive review before the 2nd Edition was released in February 2018.

John Wiley & Sons

For John Wiley & Sons, Chris has co-authored 15 college textbooks, working with subject-matter experts in business and education, rounding out their views with extensive research and compelling interviews. She also selects and negotiates for use of illustrations, and participates in layout and design decisions.

For Interstate Batteries, Chris produced and hosted an audio newsletter for almost 20 years. "Crank It Up!" was a custom program made especially for the company's route sales managers, who are on the road for hours every day. Over the years, Chris has produced similar audio products for long-haul truck drivers for Consolidated Freightways and Frito-Lay, and guests of La Quinta Inns.

Dr. Pepper logo

Dr Pepper/Seven Up has undergone name and ownership changes, but for more than a decade, Chris served as a speechwriter and presentation coach for 14 top executives. She attended all major sales meetings to supervise last-minute copy and graphics changes, rehearse with the participants and provide critiques. She also produced a variety of promotional videos for the company.

Boise Cascade logo

For Boise Cascade (now Boise, Inc.), Chris was an active weekly participant on the Corporate Communications team, filling news slots on the company website with engaging interviews and stories from plants and mills around the country. For three years, she wrote the company's annual Sustainability Report, and many articles for its employee newsletter, Inside Boise. She played a similar role as a writer for the Idaho Housing and Finance Association.