Paring It Down


If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know I’m a fan of brevity. For me, years of writing for daily news consumption have made this second nature.

When I train reporters, I ask them to start each story by making the point of that story in a single sentence. In news, with few exceptions, every second or column inch counts. The listener or reader expects you to get to the point.

Godspeed, Gisela


My surrogate mom passed away overnight.

Gisela Biloschaetzke (don’t even try to pronounce it…) was a funny, feisty German woman, the mother of a guy who’s been a family friend for years. She lived in my neighborhood and as she aged, I ended up helping her once in a while – washing and rolling her hair, "spotting" her as she showered so she wouldn't fall – stuff her two grown sons were understandably shy about doing.

Thankful for...Health Insurance


This Thanksgiving, I'm moving more slowly than usual.

I hadn't planned to have back surgery quite this close to a holiday, but the surgeon was able to fit me in and I was happy for the chance to feel normal again after months of painful herniated discs.

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