October: What’s Blooming in the Office?

The Brassavola orchid typically blooms in spring or summer, but mine didn’t get the memo.

Its flowers burst open in early September and haven’t quit! They have a light, citrusy fragrance that peaks in the evening, which is why this orchid genus is sometimes referred to as the “lady of the night.”

My Patience, Tested

So, I applied for an intensive, short-term gig editing PowerPoint presentations. I’ve created many of these over the years, and edited even more.

In my view, the key to a good visual presentation is to not make it too wordy – think bullet points, not full sentences – to prompt the presenter and reinforce the spoken word.

Recharge and Regroup

Does this look like the office of a woman who needs a break – or at least, fewer Post-It Notes? It's been a hectic summer. Some highlights:

I'm writing my third article this year for AARP national publications.

Last month, I finished ghostwriting a book on personal finance – a project I took on because I knew I'd learn a lot in the process.

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