A Job for Mr. Bear

Unemployment is suddenly at record levels and everybody’s on edge. As a full-time freelancer, things are especially scary for those of us who are self-employed.

But I have some good news to report on the job front!

Mr. Bear, seen here at right, was my son’s cherished companion during his toddler days. (My sister used to ask, ‘If he’s a family member, why are we calling him MISTER Bear?’)

Some questions have no good answers.

In recent years, this well-loved and well-worn critter has been sitting in a miniature wicker rocking chair in my office.

Until now. A post on my area’s Nextdoor feed suggested that folks put teddy bears in their windows, so harried parents working at home with their young children can take a break and take the kids on “Bear Hunts.”

It’s a position for which Mr. Bear is perfectly suited. He’s already waiting patiently in the living room window.

I know he’ll be great at this.