And what’s this gonna cost?

It always irks me when companies (and other writers) don't offer a clue about the cost when touting their services. However, the fact is that every assignment varies greatly in terms of length and complexity, so it's hard to toss a figure into the air and then hope it accurately reflects the work to be done. Here's what I can tell you:

Our initial meetings to discuss an assignment or negotiate a contract are always free.

My standard hourly rate for writing, editing, research and attendance at client meetings is $60. And I can get more done in an hour than anyone you've ever met!

I discount the standard rate in some cases – for enormous projects, charitable endeavors, and so on – so, just ask. And if you have a fixed price in mind, I'll tell you honestly what I can do for that amount. I think you'll be pleased.

For speech coaching services, the rate is $100 per hour. Coaching is intensive, one-on-one work – that’s why it costs more. Group rates can be negotiated.

My rates include all related expenses with the exception of out-of-town travel, which is billed separately.

I've developed these rates based on many years of work experience and fair, realistic estimates of my business expenses and industry norms. I am confident that I can work to meet not only your expectations for the project, but your budget as well.