Starting Small for 2017

Change is hard – but necessary and inevitable – so I’m starting small for the New Year. Yes, with my fingernails.

A monthly manicure is my treat to myself. As a writer, I have to look at my hands all day, and it makes me feel good when they look nice.

I’m one of those women who selects her nail color from a range I’d describe as “tepid” – always pale and professional. Paige, my longtime nail tech who’s also become a good friend, is probably bored by this, but she knows never to push for anything too garish.

This week, inexplicably, the greenish-turquoise just caught my eye…and I picked it. Paige wisely downplayed this dramatic turn, and even added a bit of glitter to a single nail on each hand.

That was two days ago, and I can’t stop staring at them. The jury’s still out, but at least is giving points to the defendant for trying something new.

These hands have written thousands of speeches, websites, annual reports, news stories, brochures and more. I guess it’s time to let the world know that they – and the person attached to them – know how to have some fun!

And this is just the start. I’m committed to experiencing something new every week of 2017 – a lecture, a lesson, a performance, a meal at a place I’ve never been before. So much to look forward to!

Few things in life are certain, except that my nails will look great.