Where Have You Been, Chris Thomas?

My new website and logo are gifts to myself, celebrating 30 years of self-employment. They were no doubt less expensive and less painful than a facelift, the other logical option after 30 years of…anything.

If you’re a former client or coworker and I haven’t seen or communicated with you lately, apologies and welcome back! You may wonder where I’ve been, and it’s a fair question.

In 2007, events took a sharp, unexpected turn when I moved back to Boise (from Seattle) to look after my aging parents. This was not in the All-Star Life or Career Plan, but Mom had dementia and Dad was in deep denial about it. Someone had to step in and be their advocate, caregiver and occasionally, referee.

I had no idea this journey would take almost a decade, or how all-encompassing it would be. I just waded in, learned as much as I could and tried to keep my sanity and sense of humor.

I’ve continued to work for a couple of companies, but only with the express understanding that I might have to drop everything, at any moment. I am so thankful for their flexibility and compassion.

In the last year, I am sad to say, both of my folks have passed away. I miss them every day, but I also know my siblings and I did the right thing and saw them out with as much dignity as we could manage. And I discovered a lot about myself in the process, some of which I’ll share with you in future blog posts.

Now, it’s time for new challenges, new assignments – and interesting new outlets for my boundless energy! So, take a look through the website. Let me know what you think, and what I can do for you.