A High Five for 5’s

 While we are already far beyond New Year’s resolutions, let me share one that’s never too late to start. I save five-dollar bills. And just today, April 7, my 2016 stash topped $300.

I don’t even recall where I first read about it – one woman’s personal savings plan to stash every $5 that came her way – but I decided to try it.

So You Want to be a Freelance Writer…

For me, the key to success in this profession has been flexibility. People tell me they want to write screenplays or speeches, or ghost-write books. My aim is simpler – I want to write. Of course, I have niches I prefer, but I’m willing to take on pretty much any type of assignment. The variety is what keeps it interesting! In fact, some of the projects I assumed would be humdrum have been the most fascinating, once I’ve waded in.

Wildfire Season: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Here in the West, you don’t have to ski to be excited about all the mountain snow we’ve gotten. The official snowpack figures have been encouraging. This means there might be enough water come spring and summer to ensure a healthier natural environment – which, in turn, could mean a less crazy wildfire season.

The 2015 fire season was termed “historic” in the Pacific Northwest. Just in Oregon and Washington, more than 3,800 wildfires burned more than 1.6 million acres.

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