The View from My Office

When I was in Seattle last week, a big feature story in the Seattle Times covered the stunning cost that a water or cityscape view adds to urban house and condo prices – and how some developers even buy rights to airspace to prevent others from blocking those views.

Back in Boise, I thought about that when my next-door neighbor texted me the other day to tell me she’d be right outside my office window and didn’t want to alarm me.

Tips for Organizing a Massive Project

I’ve just put the finishing touches on a large writing project that required extensive research.

One reason I’m happy with the result is that the final wrap-up wasn’t an exhausting slog to the finish line – because I got organized early in the process. You can, too!

Greetings from the Bookstore

For many months, Google has listed me as a bookstore. A Google search for Chris Thomas Communications reveals a listing that includes the address of a mailbox I haven’t rented for years, and the photo you see here – a nondescript, unattractive parking lot.

I ask you – if you were looking for a bookstore, would YOU shop there?

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