PPP? Not for Me

More than $100 billion is reportedly still sitting in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), awaiting loan applications from businesses to keep them afloat in the pandemic fallout. The deadline to apply is Tues., June 30 – perhaps the first deadline ever that I won’t meet.

June: What’s Blooming in the Office?


This orchid is in quarantine, on a separate windowsill far from the others, as it recovers from an aphid infestation. But that hasn’t stopped it from making the best of a bad situation.

Recent life parallels, anyone?

It’s a hardy little plant, and a good choice for beginning orchid-lovers. Each flower is no bigger than my thumbnail with a strong, perfume-like scent.

Tramps Like Us…


It’s a very special anniversary. Twenty years ago today, my son was baptized into the Church of Rock ‘n Roll. 

Adam was almost 14 and had never been to a rock concert.

“We’re starting at the top,” I told him.

I bought tickets by mail from a scalper to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in Salt Lake City, the closest show to Boise.

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