Leaving a Lovely Friend


I’ve got only two more weeks to spend in California, and am pensive about the move. I'm enjoying every minute with my grandson, son and daughter-in-law, and I’ve come to feel right at home on the Central Coast.

And then, there’s Oraios

She’s the cat who lives on the rural property where I’ve been staying. The property owners have dubbed her the Greek word for “lovely” – oh-RAY-ose, roll the ‘R.’

The Insurance Dilemma

I just paid a few bucks shy of $3,000 for my long-term care insurance policy, a painful annual ritual that I haven’t managed to get used to, even after more than a decade.

April 1: My Personal Holiday

Other folks may be playing tricks on each other for April Fool’s Day, but the date has more serious meaning for me. Long ago, my first day as a newsroom intern was April 1.

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