Idaho: Not Just Spud Jokes Anymore


I’ve lived in Idaho off and on since the 1970s, and am thinking about leaving for good.

Competing with Copy Mills

I get regular come-ons for a variety of business services on my website, from cheaper phone plans to credit-card processing.

Lately, however, I’m hearing from folks who want to replace me – by doing my job at bargain-basement rates, using writers based overseas.

Sept. 2021: What’s Blooming in the Office?

The tiny flowers on this month’s bloomers pack a big, colorful punch – and for both, it’s their last blast of energy before going dormant for the winter.

The plant with the orange flower is a Habenaria rhodocheila, a native of Asia. This is my first attempt with the species, and I’m a bit nervous about it because this orchid has distinct seasons that require different types of care.

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