Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot…

According to the National Weather Service, Boise has had only three nine-day periods of consecutive 100-degree or hotter days. (All have been since 2003.)

This is Day Eight of what appears to be the next record-book entry.

Babysitting is Hard Work

I was in California recently, working remotely and enjoying the beautiful communities in Monterey County.

While I was there, I offered to pick up some plants for a fundraiser for the Treasure Valley Orchid Society. It’ll be our club’s first in-person get-together in more than a year.

April 2021: What's Blooming in the Office?


What could be sadder than a group of orchid aficionados who have blooming plants and nowhere to show them off?

This week, the Treasure Valley Orchid Society was supposed to have its 2021 Orchid Show & Sale – which, of course, didn’t happen because of COVID.

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