What’s Blooming in the Office?


There was a Winter Weather Advisory for southern Idaho most of the day, and the snow is coming down. But in my Boise office, it looks like spring.

A Gallon of Purified Joy

Every city has quirky little spots that make it unique. In the Boise suburb of Garden City, one of my picks is a dispensary of purified water. It’s tucked into a tiny building off Chinden Blvd., next to a bit of freeway (I-184) known as “The Connector.”

I Raised a Voter!

I got this photo with a text over breakfast this morning and am so pleased to share it. The accompanying message: "After a 2-hour wait, my ballot is cast!"

I've mentioned before that my son Adam is in New York City. But for many years – and in every single election during his childhood – I made sure he accompanied me to the polls. It was a bonus when the school where we voted had a bake sale that day!

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