A Brief Break from Winter

It’s amazing what a week of rain and milder weather will do to a foot of stubborn snow. After two full months on the ground, it’s almost all gone! And what a revelation – the giant white lump in the backyard has morphed back into a barbecue grill. Maybe I’ll even use it this weekend.

Yes, I Marched

I felt a rush of emotions standing in front of the Idaho State Capitol on Saturday morning. On a strictly practical note, I was glad to have brought an umbrella, as wet, heavy snow coated the crowd of about 5,000.

On a personal note, I realized this was the first protest ever that I had attended as a participant, rather than covering it as a reporter.

Blooming in the Office: No-Calorie Chocolate


My office smells like chocolate, and it isn’t because I have leftover holiday candy! Instead, the Oncidium Sharry Baby is in full, glorious bloom.

Just inhale deeply and you’ll fall in love with this orchid. Sharry Baby is often called the “Chocolate Orchid” for its fragrance, and one of the fascinating things about it is, it only emits that heady scent during the day.

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